India1’s journey towards Digitalization.


Headquartered in Bangalore, India1 Payments Pvt. Ltd. today is one of the major player in the Indian white label Atms market and has deployed over one-third of the total WLAs in the country. It has more than 12 thousand ATMs. The company has been dedicated to improving financial inclusion through the accessibility of ATM services in the under-penetrated semi-urban and rural areas of the country.

The status quo is being disrupted by rapidly changing customer expectations and the emergence of innovative business models. Organizations are investing in digital technology to modernise their legacy environments and connect them to new digital business models. In order to solve these issues India1 now aims to improve and reinvent the consumer experience using a digital mobile application that links them to their Loyalty platform.

A path to success

Internal conversations regarding the proper production model and functions to be incorporated were conducted prior to the start of the project development. The initial topics of conversation were focused on technology and digitization. Implementing a user-friendly solution that can be smoothly included into the India1 loyalty programme was the goal of the project.

As our team was in charge of the application’s backend development, we were more focused on collecting pertinent data so that we could better acquaint ourselves with the digital tools and technologies needed to safeguard, examine, and make use of the data.

Some Features of India1 Mobile Application-

  • Loyalty Program- Earn Points on Transactions
  • Two wheeler and Farm Equipment Loan
  • Mobile Recharge/FasTag Recharge/DTH Recharge
  • Two Wheeler and Four Wheeler Insurance

Several difficulties occurred during the development phase that could have slowed down the schedule. Yet by setting up a suitable route for open communication between various stakeholders, we were able to overcome these difficulties.


The conclusion of our study into India1’s. The Mobile Application is developed in such a manner that as the project progresses, new functionality can be incorporated to improve user experience and inform organisational decision-making without interfering with regular business operations.

There are no finish lines in a digital transformation process. We make sure to choose scalability and modernity in every area of the business if we want to advance consistently.

To do all of this and more, we make sure that our core team is capable of visualising future processes.

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